Pian Upe Reserve and Mount Elgon

7-11 August 2018

Pian Upe is a vast plain, located in the East of the country. Unfortunately, it does not (yet ?) have the status of a national park and therefore its protection is less strict… It is one of the last places in Uganda where rich white people bloodthisty and looking for trophies can still do their sick hobby… Hopefully the situation will change soon under the drive of Ugandans who would prefer to make it an ecotouristic place. Indeed, they realize that ecotourism is not compatible with hunting: Mammals are very shy and you will hardly see them… On the other hand, the local populations do not understand that these resources are forbidden to them when they are given to foreigners.

Anyway, this vast natural area remains unknown and little visited and its avifauna can hold some nice surprises. We have personally observed several species outside their regular range, such as the Fox's Weaver.


Mont Elgon is located in the South-East of the country and is covered with a beautiful tropical forest. Even if, as the crow flies, it is not very far from Bwindis and Volcanoes, you will find another flock of species there. This site, although a little off the traditional circuits in Uganda, is worth a detour ! On the other hand, like the other mountains of the country, there is no buffer zone and everything that is outside the park is damaged, you will not see much apart from Homo sapiens, coffee and banana trees…


The other regions visited:


- Mabamba Swamp and Lake Mburo


- Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga National Park  (Virungas volcanic chain )


- Ishasha and Queen Elizabeth NP


- Kibale, Semiliki and Budongo forests


- Murchison Falls National Park


- Kidepo Valley