Mkomazi National Park

27-29 December 2020

Mkomazi National Park is a beautiful national park in northern Tanzania. Founded in 1951, its true importance was only recognised in 1989. Very little visited, it is one of those Tanzanian parks off the beaten track, with, fortunately, no lodge or luxury hotel. There are two possibilities for visitors: a few camping places and the accommodation provided by the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA Bandas), a government agency that manages protected areas. This is the only type of accommodation that should be available everywhere!

Mkomazi is a spectacular wilderness area! It is situated between Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, and to the south, the Pare and Usambara mountains. To the north, Tsavo National Park in Kenya continues Mkomazi. These two parks form one of the largest and most important protected ecosystems, providing a corridor for Elephant, Oryx and Zebra herds.The rare black rhino and the African wild dog have been subject to a reintroduction programme since the 1990s. We will not see either of them. Apart from the Giraffes, Elephants and Zebras, the Mammals are shy and difficult to observe.Nevertheless, the landscapes are breathtaking and the birdlife, with over 450 species listed, is impressive. Many species are at the limit of their distribution, linked to this semi-arid environment (southern tip of the Sahel) and are not found anywhere else in Tanzania.

Note the Grey-headed Bushshrike, Pringle's Puffback, Red-bellied Parrot and several species of Nightjars.


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