Lake Mburo and Bwindi impenetrable National park

5- 7 August 2021

We had already visited and described these places on our website during our 2018 trip: Lake Mburo and Bwindi

It was a great pleasure to be back there, especially in Bwindi and in our friend Emmy Gongo's lodge, the Broadbill forest camp with its tents overlooking the rainforest!
At Lake Mburo we were able to see a new bird for our list: Brown-chested lapwing, Vanellus superciliosus, an intra-African migrant.
The goal was of course to find the Gorillas, Gilian's surprise of the trip! Unlike our last trip when we had to walk for hours at a run on steep and slippery paths cut with machetes, this time the group of Gorillas was less than half an hour's walk from our starting point. The group was composed of two silverbacks, a female with a newborn and another female with a few months baby who let himself be admired for a long time at close range. Each time we met these cousins, we have tears in our eyes of joy but also of sadness thinking that our species is the cause of their extinction.
For those who do not believe in evolution or who deny that Homo sapiens is a Primate, we can only advise you to go and observe the Gorillas or the Chimpanzees in their natural environment; the truth will impose itself to you in a few moments. Moreover, you will contribute to their conservation!
One of the emblematic birds of this forest is Grauer's Eurylaime, which is only found in Bwindi and the DRC. We saw it last time, but not very well and after two days of hard looking for it. This time it was visible from the path and it was flying back and forth around its nest. What a blessing!

The other visited regions:


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Ruaha National Park(Lions, Elephants and more...)

Katavi National Park (Lots of water, birds and hippos)

Mahale National Park (Chimp!!)

Burigi-Chato National Park (new!) and Rubondo island (Victoria lake)

Entebbe area (Nkima lodge and Botanical garden)