Kidepo valley National Park

3-6 August 2018

The park is located in the North-East of Uganda, on the Sudan and Kenya borders with in a very remote area of the country. A peaceful end of the world with very little human problems. The park is mainly made up of plains between 900 and 1200 meters high.


This is our second favorite of Uganda… Huge, off the beaten tracks, limit of biogeographic range for a multitude of species, landscapes from another time… In short, not to be missed under any pretext.

Special mention should be made for Owls and vultures, the largest gatherings we will have the chance to attend ! The other birds of prey are not to be outdone !

Anecdotally, we will observe our unique Leopard Tortoise. The groups of ostriches were big: we observed one with more than 80 individuals!


For accomodation, there are one or two luxury lodges and the rangers station, always very rustic, but friendly and well located. The only downside is that the dining room is really small and you sometimes have to be patient to find a seat…


The other regions visited :


- Mabamba Swamp and Lake Mburo


- Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga National Park  (Virungas volcanic chain )


- Ishasha and Queen Elizabeth NP


- Kibale, Semiliki and Budongo forests


- Murchison Falls National Park


- Pian Upe reserve and Mont Elgon National Park