El Copal biological reserve

7-9 January 2019

This place is a pearl among the pearls of Costa Rica and if we had to recommend only one place, it might be this one…

Off the beaten track, far from any “civilization“, it is a feeling of peace and harmony in the middle of nature that one feels. Unlike most private nature reserves in Costa Rica, it is a local community that has decided to preserve its forest, far from any capitalist ambition. Nature seems to be protected for what it is and not just for dollars !

The community reserve forms the junction with the Amistad National Park and its location is exceptional. The gallery of the accomodation adjacent to the dining room provides an unparalleled vantage point for most of the country’s tanagers and the Snowcap that we will only see there. In addition, the hostesses, two sisters, are very helpful and always available for their guests. Once again, we regretted that we did not speak Spanish well in order to communicate better.


El Copal, a perfect place, where time does not seem to flow in the same way.