Rift Valley(1) and its Lakes

15 -18 December 2019

In central Ethiopia, the Great Rift Valley divides the Ethiopian plateaus into two parts, with lakes occupying the valley floor between these two areas.

The lakes we visited were: Lake Chelekleka, the first after Addis Ababa, lakes Langano, Koka, Ziway, Shala and Awassa.

This is one of the most populated regions of the country and, despite the rampant agricultural and industrial pressure, such as hectares of greenhouses used to grow roses for export to Europe, these lakes concentrate birds in great quantity and diversity. Moreover, as already explained, the birds are not very shy and some do not hesitate to approach humans in search of food!

Our favourite place is certainly Hara Langano Lodge on the shores of Lake Langano, with isolated bungalows in a small, unmaintained forest that attracts a multitude of birds. . A haven of peace where the observation of hippos is commonplace.

A festival of Owls was offered to us in this region : a couple of Greyish Eagle-Owl, a couple of Northern White-faced Owl and African Scops Owl and the Verreaux's Eagle-Owl.


Other visited regions: 


Bale mountains


Harenna forest (tropical-style atmosphere)


The south: Negele, Yabello (endemics and savannahs)


Rift Valley 2 (back to big lakes)


Gibe gorge, Jema valley and Ankober (great rivers and Geladas)


Awash (beautiful savannah and heat)