Mabamba swamp and Lake Mburo

15 au 17 July 2018


After a few hours of sleep and the logistics updates with our guides, we started our trip by a stop at Mabamba Swamps. It is one of the only Ugandan sites known for the mythical Shoebill ! The place is well preserved and seems little frequented. Some of the local community members, both men and women, have become ecotourism guides and take you by canoe through the swamp. Initiatives to support ! After 20 minutes by boat, the bird so dreamed of for years appears in front of us, quietly placed on a papyrus carpet (the local reed). Many other species like this swamp : Western Marsch Harrier, White-winged Tern, yellow-billed Duck, various herons, kingfishers, etc…The site is adjacent to a forest hill on which are some Primates and lots of Butterflies. A lodge (, where we just stopped for lunch, is planted at the top. This site is worth staying more time.


We continue our journey to Lake Mburo National Park, a truly extraordinary place. It is the smallest national park in the country but its wooded savannah and its five lakes are full of treasures for both mammals and avifauna. Moreover, it is surprisingly uncrowded. To observe birds, a boat trip on Lake Mburo is a must and will bring you lots of surprises ; for us they were great : African Finfoot, white-backed Night Heron, Giant Kingfisher, etc…


The other regions visited


- Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga National Park  (Virungas volcanic chain )


- Ishasha and Queen Elizabeth NP


- Kibale, Semiliki and Budongo forests


- Murchison Falls National Park


- Kidepo Valley


- Pian Upe reserve and Mont Elgon National Park