Ishasha and Queen Elizabeth (QE) national parks

22 -25 July 2018

Actually, these two parks are only one and are quite touristic but not to be missed!

Big mammals are there and the wooded savannah landscapes are beautiful. The rivers and other small wetlands considerably increase local biodiversity. Raptors are particularly well represented. A special mention for the lodge where we stayed in the north of QE Park: The Buffalo safari lodge

When we were there, it was quite simple, comfortable with a lovely staff, at a very fair price for the country. Prices have apparently increased since then. This lodge offers a view from its terrace on a pond where elephants and Giant forest hog (the only ones of the trip) come to drink.


The edge of the track which goes from Ishasha tot he north of QE is surrounded by well preserved wetlands which would merit further exploration, as well as the volcanic hills overlooking the park. Quails and Bustards are many around the tracks. The difficult point of this area were warms of tsetse flies which, even if they no longer transmit the famous sleeping sickness, sting and attack tirelessly!

A boat trip on the Kazinga Channel, which connects Lake Edward and Lake George, is highly recommended but you have to insist on taking a boat without other tourists with a naturalist guide ! The channel is full of Nile Crocodiles, hippos and various large mammals coming to drink… without mentioning the African skimmer and Pied Kingfisher colonies and Alcyon pie which blew us away!

At the north exit QE Park is a huge backwater ful of birds, particularly waders, including the greater painted-snipe, african storks of all kinds, as well as ducks and pelicans and crocodile. Unfortunately, we stayed there barely an hour.


The other regions visited :


- Mabamba Swamp and Lake Mburo


- Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga National Park  (Virungas volcanic chain )


- Kibale, Semiliki and Budongo forests


- Murchison Falls National Park


- Kidepo Valley


- Pian Upe reserve and Mont Elgon National Park