SENEGAL 22.12.2017-14.01.2018

Senegal is a country you already want to come back when you leave it !

We already went there separately many times and we wished to return together.

In winter, Senegal is a hotspot for winter visiting birds in terms of diversity and density. We observed 300 bird species in 3 weeks. If you avoid naps, it’s possible to increase the number of observations. We were lucky to meet again our friend Bram Piot, a Swiss ornithologist, who lives since a few years in Dakar and animates a very complete blog about ornithology in Senegal:


We warmly advise you to consult it before an ornithologic travel in this country !


To avoid long hours driving and to enjoy to a maximum the different visited sites, we limited ourselves to three costal regions. Discover them in a few words and may pictures by clicking hereunder:


- Djoudj National Park and  Langue de Barbarie North


- Sine Saloum National Park South-West, just above Gambia


- Somone and Dakar’s region


List of observed species in Senegal