Brésil:16.07-14.08 2022

Brazil is one of the must-see destinations for all naturalists and nature lovers. It is the fifth largest country in the world, and above all one of the world's biodiversity hotspots. For example, it holds the record, just behind Colombia, for the highest number of bird species in the world.

We observed 560 during our stay. Due to its size, Brazil is home to an exceptionally wide variety of relief and habitats. In addition to the well-known Amazon rainforest, there are other similarly rich and threatened ecosystems. Although we know the high biodiversity of Brazil, the idea of this travel came to us by thinking first of the Jaguar, legendary cat that is known to be relatively easy to see in the Pantanal and we will not be disappointed!


In one month, we had to make choices of places to visit but going from a huge wetland, to the Brazilian cerrado and then from an Amazonian forest  type to the unique Atlantic forest more than satisfied us. We spent about a week in each site, which in our opinion is a minimum. A lifetime would not be enough to see all the natural treasures of this country!

The first two weeks we were guided by Braulio A. Carlos, an excellent naturalist who runs the Pantanal Birding Club.

The third week our guide was Bruno Renno. He works for Agamitours a very serious and professional agency that can offer you any customised trip in Brazil! Bruno is a talented ornithologist, but he is also a passionate and general naturalist who is as sad as we are about the massive loss of biodiversity! He is however always in a good mood. If a next trip to Brazil is in the air, he will be our first choice guide.


Visited area:


2. Cerrado : Chapadas dos Guimarães and Emas national parks
3. Jardim Amazonia
4. REGUA (Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu)