Kakum national park

1-5 January 2022


This National Park is located in the south of the country. It was created as a reserve in 1931 and was recognised as a national park in 1991.

It covers an area of tropical rainforest and contains walkways that cross the canopy at a height of about 40 meters. It provides exceptional views and the opportunity to observe the wildlife that lives there. Unfortunately, this place has become a kind of entertainment park that attracts visitors from Cape Coast, one of the country's major cities located an hour away. Between 10am and 5pm, the place is so noisy that you can only escape! To be able to hear birds and primates, you have to arrive at dawn or dusk. During these off hours, the atmosphere is fantastic. We observed new Mammals including a monkey, the Greater spot-nosed monkey, a species of squirrel and one of those fascinating flying squirrels, the Derby's Anomalure. The latter glides from tree to tree in search of food at high speed. During the day it hides in tree cavities. The birdlife is outstanding and being able to be on the same level as the birds is always a great moment. Those who are subject to vertigo will have to brave it...


In addition to these bridges, a series of paths go through the forest which is still well preserved, but the poaching is still evident: no observation or traces of Mammals... what a sadness! We were nevertheless able to observe, during hours of walking, a magnificent tree snake, as well as a multitude of species of Birds which have become rare. The government had built huts in the middle of the forest in trees, but they quickly became unusable due to lack of maintenance, which is a real pity!


A few years ago, a lodge was open to visitors just beyond the main entrance, but it also closed due to poor management. For accommodation, we had to go back to a relatively chic hotel, Hans cottage botel surrounded by a lovely pond with Crocodile and a multitude of Birds, twenty minutes drive from there. Unfortunately, the children of the late owner have turned it into a party centre for the Cape Coast's golden youth by building a second swimming pool just below the rooms! Music at maximum volume from Thursday to Sunday. After a bit of irritation, we asked for a change of room and building, so that we could rest. A piece of advice, if you go to this hotel and you don't want to party and be quiet, make sure you go from Monday to Wednesday...


Visited areas


1. Shai Hills and Kalakpa forest

2. Atewa range forest

3. Bobiri forest reserve

4. Mole national park and Tango Hills

5. Kakum national park

6. Ankasa Conservation Area and Accra botanic garden