UGANDA: 14 July-14 August 2018

We spent four weeks in Uganda, small country by its size but hudge by the richness and diversity of its environment. In one hour drive it is possible to move from a rainforest to a wooded savannah without forgetting the mountains which cover the country.

Please note that the average altitude is of 1100 meters, which makes that the heat is globally always bearable! The nights are sometimes even cold, mostly in the mountains.

Our choice fell on this country mostly because it offers the possibility to watch gorillas, chimpanzees and 11 other species of primates, as well as most of the big african mammals (lions, buffalos, hippopotamuses, elephants, leopards, zebras, giraffes, etc…)

In terms of birdlife, the environment’s diversity on a small territory makes it the third richest country of Africa and the sixteenth in the world !

500 bird species, 46 mammals species, 13 of which primates during this travel.

We travelled with a guide, Emmy Gongo, during the whole month. Emmy was recommended in an ornithological trip’s report and that was probably the best choise we could make. He is one of the best ornithologists of Uganda but also a seasoned naturalist generalist. He organizes trips from A to Z knowing perfectly the country. His wife Jovlet, excellent training ornithologist, also accompanied us during the whole travel.

We visited the majority of the most interesting sites, but too fast to our taste.

Two months would be necessary to take full advantage of these marvellous places or you should visit only part of this country.

Apart from the National Parks and other protected sites, nature is completely ravaged by a worrying overcrowding. The population doubled these last twenty years, partly because of wars and crises in border countries, needing to cultivate every available square meter, with the consequence a total deforestation and a swamp drainage which tends to become generalized.


Listing of observed species in Uganda


 Visited regions :


- Mabamba Swamp and Lake Mburo


- Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga National Park  (Virungas volcanic chain )


- Ishasha and Queen Elizabeth NP


- Kibale, Semiliki and Budongo forests


- Murchison Falls National Park


- Kidepo Valley


- Pian Upe reserve and Mont Elgon National Park