Norway: 21.07-08.08 2020

Summer 2020, covid-19 is still hitting and travel is limited. Despite this situation, we managed to escape for two and a half weeks by jumping on the first plane to Oslo. We headed for Norway with the ultimate goal of meeting the Muskox.

Norway, like Sweden and Finland, is sparsely populated, with breathtaking lanscapes and numerous national parks and many well-preserved national parks and nature reserves.


Norwegians have a very developed civic sense and respect for community property, which is striking and especially very pleasant when one comes from another country further south of Europe: no need to wait to cross a pedestrian crossing, very little speeding on the roads, always spotlessly clean toilets, very little waste. To wonder “why is it not everywhere like that?“ Could it be that the right of access to nature being a principle, wild camping allowed almost everywhere, hiking or simple outdoor walks a daily habit are elements that explain the great value given to the common good in general? Note that this love of great outdoors is valid whatever the weather and beyond the sporting side, it is common to meet Norwegians with a pair of binoculars without necessarily being expert birdswatchers.


Speaking of weather, we had two days out of three of rain, cold and a few rays of sunshine that we have never appreciated so much! On the logistics side, it is really advisable to take your camping gear because, as already said, the tent can be pitched anywhere or, at worst, in a campsite. We admit that given the terrible weather, we unfortunately camped much less than expected and we fell back on more or less heated cabins in campsites. In spite of this difficult climate, we were able to make beautiful observations between the moments of forced rest due to the pouring rain.


Visited regions :


Southern moutains valleys : Fokstumyra nature reserve, Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park and Valdres plateau


- Runde Island in the west